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Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac showing two (double) menu-bar icons

For those of you using a Mac but not yet running Anti-Virus software, at this stage in the game it’s a good idea. And Sophos offers a free (for home-use) version of their product for the Mac:

We recommend Sophos for Mac as it’s effective and light-weight. We implemented (the paid version) of Sophos for a client & it successfully identified and disinfected some Word files infected with a (PC) Macro-virus, while leaving the files themselves intact and fully usable.

I’ve been using Sophos for Mac at home without a hitch – until recently, that is. After an update to 10.7.4 and required reboot, the Sophos menu-bar icon was showing up double – ie, listed twice.

I navigated to my account’s Library folder and within that, the Preferences folder,
removed com.sophos.ui.plist
In my haste, I also set aside (moved to the Trash) com.sophos.sav.plist but this was probably not necessary.
Try it if removing only the com.sophos.ui.plist pref file doesn’t solve this for you.

and then used the Terminal to issue:
sudo killall -HUP SophosUIServer

when asked, you will need to be logged in as an administrator (or know how to “su” to one in the Terminal)
and the password asked for will be your existing, usual login password (for the Admin account you’re logged in with).

And the problem was solved without needing a reboot.