Windows XP, are you still using it ?

As you should know, Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows XP as of this month (April 2014), in that the last patch they provide will be April 8th. *

There are a great number of reasons not to ignore this issue, whether XP is still in use in at home or in a business environment. Please see

“(Computers still running Windows XP) will be vulnerable to hackers once XP stops receiving security updates, with Microsoft warning earlier this year that hackers could use patches issued for Windows 7 or Windows 8 to scout for XP exploits.”

If you don’t already have a migration plan in place and well underway, you absolutely should ! (Picture a billboard-sized flashing neon sign and sirens for appropriate emphasis).

Here are some great tips if you are forced to eke out a few more days from your XP systems:

Note the last item, “Get on with your personal or organisational efforts to get rid of XP.”

Please contact us at the Core Solution Group if you need help with planning and migrating away from Windows XP, including backup of your data, computer hardware upgrades or replacement, and analysis of any software you rely on – be it versions & compatibility with Windows 7 or 8, or alternatives to outdated programs that won’t run on a newer version of Windows.

*For a not-insignificant cost, some organizations may opt for Microsoft’s Custom Support, which costs $200 per year per PC, and covers only patches ranked as “critical.”