Support for Microsoft Windows Server & Client, Mac OS X, & Linux

With secure remote support options

Why does it matter?

Your computers are critical to your workflow, and technology is great when it works like it’s supposed to, but problems can and do arise. For example, one user suddenly can’t print, or another user suddenly can’t use their most important software.

Or, you need (new or existing) critical software installed in a timely and efficient manner.

Sometimes you may have a computer problem that’s a “small” item but still a big nuisance, and there can be times when something is more seriously wrong, and you’d like to have it resolved as quickly as possible.

What is Remote Support?

In simplest terms, remote support is a service that allows us to create a secure connection between our location and yours, which in turn lets us to “talk” to your computer(s) from our office and operate them as if we were there. It is a tool that gives us the ability to look into and fix many software-related problems quickly and efficiently.

What does Remote Support mean for me?

For you, the client, a remote support contract means improved service and support in a variety of ways. The most obvious of these are response time and monetary savings, since it allows us to help you with many different types of problems without the cost and delay of travel time.

For the same reason, remote support allows us to take care of many software-related problems promptly, rather than the typically greater delays (wait-times) that come with scheduling an onsite visit.

Likewise, many of your problems can be resolved in the most timely fashion, meaning that you’ll experience less down-time, improving both your user experience and work- flow.

Server Monitoring and Support

Core Solution Group's Remote Server Maintenance encompasses routine monitoring and maintenance, troubleshooting of operational abnormalities and repair when necessary, based on the level of service chosen.

When you select our Server Maintenance & Monitoring plan, we perform basic monitoring & remote maintenance on a daily basis throughout the month.

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